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Vintage Barber Chair

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Introducing the VINTAGE BARBER CHAIR: A Nostalgic Blend of Tradition and Comfort. Replicate a traditional shop atmosphere in a contemporary setting with the new dark and sleek Vintage Barber Chair. This second-generation classic model contains all the standard and traditional features every professional needs in barbering furniture. Feel inspired to create your finest hairstyles, fades & trims with this timeless barber chair.

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Presenting the Vintage Barber Chair: Where Tradition Harmonizes with Comfort in a Nostalgic Fusion. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of yesteryears while indulging in modern comfort with our newest offering, the Vintage Barber Chair, boasting a dark and sleek design. This revitalized classic seamlessly blends traditional allure with contemporary practicality, offering all the indispensable features demanded by professionals in the barbering field. Prepare to showcase your ingenuity and expertise as you sculpt flawless hairstyles, fades, and trims in this enduring masterpiece. Explore our collection of Vintage barber chairs for sale UK and add a touch of timeless elegance to your establishment.

Product Features and Benefits

The Vintage Barber Chair is a timeless and elegant piece that offers unmatched comfort during every grooming session. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this chair is designed to provide a nostalgic experience while ensuring exceptional durability.

Featuring an upholstery made of durable black PVC vinyl, the chair exudes a classic charm that complements any barbershop decor. The smooth chrome plate adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the chair’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Designed with the utmost comfort in mind, the Vintage Barber Chair includes a padded calf rest and a flip-up padded footrest, allowing your clients to relax and unwind during their grooming session. The single lever recline feature enables easy adjustments, providing the perfect reclining position between 45-55 degrees.

For a classic shave experience, the chair is equipped with pivot point armrests, allowing for precise positioning. The removable and adjustable headrest with a locking mechanism ensures optimal head and neck support.

Practicality is not compromised with the Royalty Barber Chair. It includes towel racks conveniently placed underneath the cushioned armrests, allowing for easy access to towels and other grooming essentials.

Designed to accommodate clients of all sizes, this barber chair has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. The durable NG1 base, covered by a matching white fiberglass cover, ensures stability and longevity.

If you are in search of vintage barber chairs for sale in the UK, or professional barber chairs for sale that combine style, comfort, and durability, the Vintage Barber Chair is the perfect choice for your barbershop. Upgrade your salon with this exceptional piece that exemplifies the essence of classic barbering.

Product Specification

Measurement Dimensions
Product Weight 200 lbs
Overall 46cm” W x 41.5cm” H (Up to 49”)
Floor to seat height in the down position 21cm”
Floor to seat height in the up position 28.5cm”
Armrests inside dimension 20.5cm”
Armrests outside dimension 26.5cm”

Vintage barber chairs for sale uk

Elevate your salon’s ambiance with our exquisite collection of vintage barber chairs for sale in the UK. Each chair carries a unique story, blending the elegance of yesteryears with modern comfort. Immerse your clients in a nostalgic journey while providing them with the utmost relaxation during their grooming sessions.

Crafted with precision and restored to perfection, these vintage treasures are more than just chairs – they are a statement of your salon’s dedication to style, history, and exceptional service. Explore our selection and embrace the allure of vintage craftsmanship today.

In conclusion, the Vintage Barber Chair stands as a testament to timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Designed to provide unparalleled comfort and durability, this chair offers a nostalgic experience while meeting the demands of modern grooming sessions.

Its classic design, featuring durable black PVC vinyl upholstery and smooth chrome accents, effortlessly complements any barbershop decor. With thoughtful features such as a padded calf rest, flip-up footrest, and pivot point armrests, clients can relax and unwind in style. The chair’s practicality shines through with integrated towel racks and adjustable headrest for added convenience.

Built to accommodate clients of all sizes, its sturdy construction and weight capacity of up to 500 lbs ensure stability and longevity. Whether you’re in search of vintage barber chairs for sale UK or seeking new barber chairs for sale comfort and style, the Vintage Barber Chair is the epitome of classic barbering excellence. Elevate your salon with this exceptional piece that combines timeless charm with modern functionality.



4 reviews for Vintage Barber Chair

  1. Martin D. (verified owner)

    great chair
    great solid chair love doing buisness with James barber shop

  2. Ahmad D. (verified owner)

    I like the chair
    I like the chair a lot, looks great and is comfortable

  3. Ferguson D. (verified owner)

    Beautiful chairs and stations
    I’m extremely happy with the vintage barber chair and the reclaimed wood station. So happy that everything arrived safely. Also, a big plus that the station already came built and I only had to add the casters. Thank you. Looking forward to doing business again soon!

  4. Max P. (verified owner)

    Love the chairs. I hope they are easy to maintain. Any guidance on how to properly disinfect during these times without compromising the look or quality?

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