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Introducing the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table: Where Style Meets Functionality. Our Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table creates an atmosphere of ease and elegance while your client receives a full nail pampering. Perfect for nail salons or anyone who wants to add nails as a service!

Details You Will Appreciate 

Elevate Your Nail Services with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table

Experience the epitome of style and practicality with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table. This exquisite addition to your salon is meticulously designed to enhance your nail artistry while providing an inviting space for your clients. From its elegant aesthetics to its thoughtful features, the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table is a game-changer for modern nail professionals.

Sophisticated Elegance

Step into a realm of sophistication as you introduce the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table to your salon. Its sleek and contemporary design effortlessly complements various salon decors, creating an ambiance that exudes luxury and relaxation. Make a statement that resonates with both your clients and your artistry.

Ample Workspace, Infinite Possibilities

Appreciate the expansive workspace that the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table offers. Whether you’re sculpting intricate nail designs or performing meticulous gel manicures, this table provides the room you need to showcase your creativity. No detail is too small, no design is too complex—the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table empowers you to bring your artistic visions to life.

Smart Storage Solutions

Discover the convenience of well-organized nail care with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table’s intelligent storage solutions. Multiple compartments and drawers ensure that your tools, gels, and accessories are always within reach. Streamline your workflow, enhance your efficiency, and focus on what truly matters—creating stunning gel nail enhancements.

Client Comfort Redefined

Prioritize your clients’ comfort with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table’s ergonomic design. The padded wrist rest provides a cozy spot for your clients to relax, ensuring a delightful and enjoyable nail care experience. As you work your magic, your clients can unwind and indulge in a moment of pampering and self-care.

Additional Details:

  • Available in a dark espresso or grey engineered hardwood
  • Modern dual pedestal framing
  • Durable stone countertop in white
  • Four pull-out drawers
  • Two large self-closing cabinets
  • Right cabinet has been outfitted with a trash chute for discrete disposal
  • Comes with small trash bin and black upholstered armrest
  • Built-in cubby holes perfect for UV dryers of choice
  • This unit can be mounted on sturdy caster wheels (non-lockable & included).
  • Electrical switch and cover are provided (does not include additional electrical parts needed).
  • Contains a single outlet and custom openings within the frame for installation.
  • Electrical outlets need to be hardwired by a professional/qualified electrician. Please see the manual & installation guide.
  • UV nail dryers not included.

Product Specification 

  • Product Name: Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table
  • Elevate Your Nail Artistry with Elegance and Practicality
  • Sleek and Contemporary Design Enhances Salon Atmosphere
  • Expansive Workspace for Unleashing Your Creative Brilliance
  • Thoughtful Storage Compartments Keep Your Tools Organized
  • Ergonomic Padded Wrist Rest Prioritizes Client Comfort
  • Overall: 45″ W x 17″ D x 30.5″ H
  • Lower kneehole: 22.5″ W x 17″ D x 24″ H
  • Each Cabinet: 9.75″ W x 15.75″ D x 15″ H (No shelves)
  • Each Drawer: 7.5″ W x 11″ D x 4″ H
  • Each Nail Dryer Cubbyhole: 9″ W x 16.25″ D x 4.75″ H
  • Designed for Nail Professionals Who Demand Excellence
  • Transform Your Nail Services with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table
  • Elevate Every Gel Manicure into an Exquisite Ritual of Beauty

The Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table isn’t just a piece of furniture—it’s an instrument that elevates your artistry and nurtures your clients’ well-being. Experience the difference as you create breathtaking gel nail enhancements on a table that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Elevate your nail services to new heights with the Sanctuary Gel Manicure Table and redefine the art of beauty and self-care.


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