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The new, facial steamer with magnifying lamp is ideal for any spa salon! Best of both worlds, providing a warm steam that is used to cleanse pores and rejuvenate fatigued skin. Complete with a magnifying lamp for greater visibility!

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Welcome to the future of skincare with our exceptional Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp. Drawing on 15 years of expertise in the barber and salon community, we understand the significance of precision and pampering in delivering unparalleled skincare experiences. The Facial Steamer with Stand and Magnifying Lamp seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with classic skincare practices, allowing you to offer your clients the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your salon’s skincare services and immerse your clients in a world of targeted treatments and radiant skin.

Details You Will Appreciate

Precision Skincare with Magnifying Lamp

The fusion of a facial steamer and a magnifying lamp creates an unparalleled skincare tool. The magnifying lamp offers precise visibility, allowing your skincare professionals to assess and treat the skin with accuracy. From extractions to intricate treatments, the magnifying lamp ensures every step of the process is executed flawlessly.

Deep Hydration and Pore Cleansing

The Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp goes beyond traditional steamers. The gentle steam opens up pores, facilitating deep cleansing and effective extraction of impurities. Your clients will appreciate the dual benefits of hydration and purification as their skin undergoes a transformative experience.

Aromatherapy Infusion for Relaxation

Enhance the sensory experience for your clients by infusing calming aromatherapy scents into the steaming process. The gentle aroma, coupled with the warmth of the steam, transports your clients to a realm of relaxation. Elevate your salon’s ambiance and create an oasis of tranquility.

Dual Functionality for Efficiency

Efficiency is paramount in a bustling salon. The Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp offers dual functionality in one unit. Streamline your skincare services by seamlessly transitioning between the facial steamer and the magnifying lamp, optimizing time and resources without compromising on quality.

Product Specification

Precision Magnifying Lamp

Central to our Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp is the high-quality magnifying lamp. With adjustable illumination and magnification, your skincare professionals can closely examine the skin’s condition and perform precise treatments. Elevate your salon’s skincare precision to new heights.

Advanced Steam Technology for Hydration

The facial steamer component employs advanced steam technology to deliver consistent and gentle mist. This fine mist penetrates deeply into the skin, promoting hydration and enhancing the effectiveness of skincare products. Elevate your salon’s skincare results with the power of advanced steam.

Large Water Reservoir for Continuous Use

Designed to accommodate the demands of a busy salon, our Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp features a large water reservoir. This ensures uninterrupted treatments without the need for frequent refills. Focus on delivering exceptional results without interruptions.

Adjustable Arm and Rotation for Comfort

Customization is key when it comes to client comfort. The adjustable arm and rotation feature of the magnifying lamp allow your professionals to position the lamp precisely where it’s needed. Ensure optimal comfort for your clients and enhance their overall experience.

Safety and Quality Construction

Safety is paramount in any salon environment. The Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp is constructed with quality and safety in mind. The sturdy design ensures stability, while the safety features guarantee worry-free operation. Invest in a tool that enhances both your salon’s offerings and its overall ambiance.

Additional Specification

  • Base: 31″ -38″
  • Magnifying Lamp: Adjustable up -down 44″ – 64″
  • Magnifying Lamp: 110V / 60Hz
  • 180″ Left to Right Rotation
  • Power: 650W

Elevate Your Salon with the Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp

Step into the future of precision skincare with the Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp. As a seasoned expert in the salon community, we recognize the importance of delivering exceptional and targeted skincare experiences. Elevate your skincare services and pamper your clients with the power of advanced technology and classic practices. Invest in the Facial Steamer with Magnifying Lamp and elevate your salon to new heights of precision and pampering. Facial steamer with stand, for more information check here.


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