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Rose Gold Barber Chair

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Anastasia Barber Chair

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Introducing the ANASTASIA BARBER CHAIR: Where Luxury Meets Grooming Excellence. Encompassing both beauty and brawn, the Anastasia Barber Chair is the new highlight of your barbershop, salon, or any beauty business. Take your aesthetic to the next level with a barbershop chair in elegant pink and blue, a design that will create a memorable experience with your clients.

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Presenting the ANASTASIA BARBER CHAIR: Where Opulence Meets Grooming Perfection. Combining elegance and durability, the Anastasia Barber Chair is the latest gem in your barbershop, salon, or beauty establishment. Elevate your ambiance with this stylish pink and blue barber chair, designed to leave a lasting impression on your clientele. Explore our selection this of barber chair for sale in London today.

Product Benefits and Features

The Anastasia Barber Chair is the epitome of unmatched comfort and timeless elegance. Crafted with exceptional durability and precision in every detail, this chair is designed to provide the utmost relaxation for every grooming session. Upholstered with professional-grade pink PVC vinyl, it exudes a sense of sophistication that complements any salon decor.

Crafted with timeless elegance in mind, this chair adds a touch of sophistication to any barbershop or salon. Its sleek design and attention to detail make it a true centerpiece. Not only does it provide a luxurious experience for your clients, but it also elevates the overall ambiance of your establishment.

With its eye-catching tufted button accents and plush seat cushion, the Anastasia Barber Chair ensures both style and comfort. The rose gold chromed metal frame adds an elegant touch, while the removable and adjustable headrest offers customizable support.

Equipped with a single right side reclining lever, this chair allows for a smooth 45-degree recline, ensuring optimum comfort for your clients. The padded flip-up ankle rest and calf rest further enhance the overall relaxation experience.

Not only does the Anastasia Barber Chair boast impeccable design, but it also features cast aluminum frame details with a geometric pattern, adding a unique and modern flair.

Built to last, the Anastasia Barber Chair boasts exceptional durability. It is constructed with precision in every detail to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance. The NG1 pump and steel base, along with the black cover for pump protection and aesthetic, ensure both stability and style.

With a weight capacity of approximately 500 lbs, this chair accommodates clients of various sizes. No matter the body type, the Anastasia Barber Chair provides reliable support and comfort throughout the grooming process.

If you’re looking for a barber chair for sale in London or a mobile barber chair for sale that embodies quality and style, look no further. The Anastasia Barber Chair for sale in London, offering you the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your barbershop or salon with this exceptional piece of equipment.

Upgrade your grooming experience with the Anastasia Barber Chair. Order yours today and elevate your business to new heights.


Product Specification 

Product Weight 200 lbs
Overall Unit 26cm” W x 46cm” D x 42cm” H (lowest position)
Pump Adjustable to 48cm” H (from top of headrest to floor)
Depth with Footrest Extension 48cm” D
Seat Cushion 19cm” W x 20cm” D
Back Cushion 18cm” W x 18cm” H
Inside Armrests 20.5cm” W
Outside Armrests 26.25cm” W
Seat to Floor (Lowest Position) 21cm” H
Seat to Floor (Highest Position) 27cm” H
Overall Diameter (In Recline) 60cm” D
Height (without headrest) 38cm”-45cm” H (Pump Range)

Barber Chair for Sale London

Our barber chairs offer ergonomic support and plush cushioning, ensuring an indulgent experience for both barbers and clients during every grooming session. Browse a variety of designs and colors to complement your salon’s ambiance, from classic to contemporary. Elevate your salon’s professionalism and upgrade your clients’ experience with our high-quality barber chair for sale in London. Explore our selection today and redefine grooming excellence in the heart of the city.

In summary, the Anastasia Barber Chair stands as a pinnacle of excellence, seamlessly combining unparalleled comfort with timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and durability, it promises a superior grooming experience with every use.

Upholstered in professional-grade pink PVC vinyl, this chair exudes sophistication, making it a perfect addition to any salon or barbershop setting. Its sleek design and exquisite craftsmanship elevate the ambiance of any establishment, turning heads and setting new standards of style.

The Anastasia Barber Chair doesn’t compromise on comfort either. Featuring tufted button accents and a plush seat cushion, it ensures clients’ comfort throughout their grooming session. The rose gold chromed metal frame adds a touch of luxury, while the adjustable headrest caters to individual preferences.

Functionality meets elegance with the single right side reclining lever, offering a smooth 45-degree recline for optimal client relaxation. Further enhancing comfort are the padded flip-up ankle rest and calf rest, making every grooming experience a rejuvenating one.

Not just aesthetically pleasing, the Anastasia Barber Chair is built to last. Its robust construction, including cast aluminum frame details and a heavy-duty NG1 pump and steel base, ensures durability and stability. With a weight capacity of approximately 500 lbs, it accommodates clients of all sizes with unwavering support.

For those seeking a barber chair for sale in London that marries quality with style, the Anastasia Barber Chair is the perfect choice. Elevate your grooming space with this exceptional piece of equipment, and witness your business reach new heights of success. Don’t hesitate to invest in the Anastasia Barber Chair today and transform your grooming experience into a luxurious affair.


Additional information

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Blue, Pink

6 reviews for Anastasia Barber Chair

  1. Jason S. (verified owner)

    Love the luxury feel of the Anastasia Barber chair. A perfect addition to my salon.

  2. Giorgio C. (verified owner)

    Anastasia Barber chair is a game-changer. Stylish and practical.

  3. Tracy (verified owner)

    Fantastic purchase!
    Anastasia Barber chair delivers on both aesthetics and comfort.

  4. Bary (verified owner)

    Top-notch design and comfort!
    Anastasia Barber chair is a client favorite.

  5. Ward P. (verified owner)

    Anastasia Barber chair is a showstopper! Elegant and comfy.

  6. Kerby (verified owner)

    Best chair ever
    Impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the Anastasia Barber chair.

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