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Knockout Barber Chair

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Phoenix Barber Chair

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Supreme Barber Chair

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Experience unparalleled comfort and style with the Supreme Barber Chair. A top-tier barbershop embodies both style and client satisfaction, and Keller’s Supreme Barber Chair epitomizes this ideal. Elevate your salon with a sophisticated layout that exudes prestige!

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Discover Unmatched Comfort and Style with the SUPREME BARBER CHAIR. The ultimate barbershop serves style and satisfaction. Keller’s Supreme Barber Chair is just that. Create an advanced shop layout defined by high status! Antique barber chairs for sale

Product Features and Benefits

Elevate your grooming experience with the Supreme Barber Chair. This sophisticated chair is designed for those who seek both style and functionality. With exceptional durability and precision in every detail, this chair is built to withstand the test of time. Every detail of this chair has been crafted with precision to provide you with the ultimate grooming experience.

Featuring a deep recline of up to 50 degrees, easily adjusted with a single lever, this chair ensures maximum comfort for your clients. The durable black or grey upholstery, with a sleek matte finish, adds a touch of elegance to any barber shop or salon.

Crafted with a durable steel frame, accented with both textured and smooth chrome finishes, this chair exudes a timeless charm. The tufted button detailing throughout the back cushion and calf rest adds a classic touch, while the smokey grey decorative side panels enhance its overall aesthetic.

For added convenience, the Supreme Barber Chair includes a flip-up ankle rest, providing additional support during recline. The pin-point headrest is both adjustable and removable, allowing for personalized comfort. The non-slip ribbed footrest ensures safety during grooming sessions.

With its custom NG1 base and black accent cover, the Supreme Barber Chair exudes elegance and style. Its sturdy construction can hold up to 500 lbs, ensuring stability and comfort for both you and your clients.

Whether you are a barber looking for an antique barber chair for sale or simply someone who appreciates the timeless beauty of vintage furniture, the Supreme Barber Chair is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of barbering history. Find antique barber chairs for sale UK and add a touch of vintage charm to your establishment with the Supreme Barber Chair.

 Product Specification 

Measurement Dimensions
Product Weight 160 lbs
Overall Unit 28cm” W x 46cm” D x 42cm” H (lowest position)
Pump Adjustable to 49cm” H (from top of headrest to floor)
Depth with Footrest Extension 48cm” D
Seat Cushion 20cm” W x 19.5cm” D
Back Cushion 19.75cm” W x 16cm” H
Inside Armrests 20cm” W
Outside Armrests 26.5cm” W
Seat to Floor (Lowest Position) 21cm” H
Seat to Floor (Highest Position) 28cm” H
Overall Diameter (In Recline) 63.5cm” D
Height (without headrest) 37cm”-44cm” H (Pump Range)

Antique Barber Chairs For Sale

Explore a captivating collection of antique barber chairs for sale, adding vintage charm to your grooming space. Discover timeless designs that blend nostalgic aesthetics with modern comfort. Our selection offers meticulously restored antique barber chairs that pay homage to the golden era of grooming.

In conclusion, the Supreme Barber Chair offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, elevating your grooming experience to new heights. Crafted with exceptional durability and precision, this chair is built to last, ensuring a timeless charm that withstands the test of time.

With features like a deep recline of up to 50 degrees and durable upholstery available in black or grey, the Supreme Barber Chair provides maximum comfort and elegance for both barbers and clients alike. Its sturdy steel frame, accented with chrome finishes and tufted button detailing, adds a classic touch to any barber shop or salon.

The chair’s convenience-enhancing elements, such as the flip-up ankle rest and adjustable pin-point headrest, ensure personalized comfort and safety during grooming sessions. With a custom NG1 base capable of holding up to 500 lbs, the Supreme Barber Chair guarantees stability and reliability.

Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of yesteryears while providing your clients with a unique and memorable experience. Browse through our range of antique barber chairs for sale and infuse your establishment with a touch of history. Elevate your barber shop’s ambiance with these exquisite pieces that stand as both functional furniture and pieces of art. Shop now to embrace the allure of antique charm and create an unforgettable atmosphere for your clients.

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Black, Grey

15 reviews for Supreme Barber Chair

  1. Rowan E. (verified owner)

    Good chair
    I’ve been using this chair for about a year now and it has been great!

  2. Lyra S. (verified owner)

    Supreme Barber chair
    Chair was delivered pretty quick. Was pretty much assembled. Glad it came with instructions on how to bleed the chair before using it. High quality and solid chair. My customers love it will be buying and recommending James barber shop to anyone looking for products. plus their customer service rep was friendly and helpful. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  3. Magnus I. (verified owner)

    Great Products & Quick Delivery!
    Have had a great overall experience using James barber shop to supply our barbershop in Bozeman, MT

  4. Evangeline F. (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality
    Received my chair super quick! Was very easy to assemble and it is absolutely beautiful. Going to look amazing in my private shop. Highly recommend. Thank you!

  5. Thorne R. (verified owner)

    Supreme Barber Chair
    I love it! The chair is comfortable and very trendy! Recommend to anyone looking into it!

  6. Luna S. (verified owner)

    Barber chairs
    Ive ordered all my chairs from James barber shop and they have always been amazing!

  7. Etienne C. (verified owner)

    Love my chair
    Got my chair on time and I’m very happy with the quality of my brand new barber chair

  8. Astrid W. (verified owner)

    I love my chair!!
    Perfect! Quick delivery and very easy to assemble!

  9. Bearnard S. (verified owner)

    Overall Solid Chair
    Really good experience from start to finish. Product arrived in good order. Minimal assembly required. Chairs look really sharp in the shop, lot of good customer feedback. Had a professional shoot some pics for our website, so there are some filters in play in the images, but nevertheless, they look great.

  10. Phoenix E. (verified owner)

    Supreme Barber Chair
    The chair was easy to assemble upon arrival. The gray really pops on our barbershop theme. Clients comment all the time, and makes it easy to raise your prices due to a better experience. Great buy all around !

  11. James .T (verified owner)

    Cant Loving the new purchase
    Definitely worth every penny!

  12. Orion S. (verified owner)

    Great Chair
    Very comfortable and stylish

  13. Seraphina S. (verified owner)

    I love my chair!!
    Perfect! Quick delivery and very easy to assemble!

  14. Zephyr E. (verified owner)

    Great addition!
    Love the chairs and so do all of my customers. Very nice!

  15. Josiah J. (verified owner)

    Best barber chair
    The chair is heavy duty and performs well. I am a short guy only 5’6” this chair is perfect for us short service providers yet big enough for the bigger clientele 6’4” to recline back for a shave or facial and they can actually relax!.

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